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It may be funny to see a piano go rumbling down the stairs when Laurel and Hardy try moving it, but in real life there's no humor in it at all. A piano only slightly out of control can ruin your foot your wall or your floor costing you more to repair than to move the piano in the first place.
 As piano movers we have learned the strategies for successfully completing your move with your total satisfaction in mind. Unlike many other transient companies who will move anything and everything we move pianos and organs period. With piano moving starting as low as $165 if your in need of moving a piano across the Island, around town or just within a concert hall give us a call. 5

When you need to move your piano, please trust it to a skilled professional. At All Piano Services we specialize in door to door piano moving and have been handling New York's Piano needs since 1991. Owner operated.
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